It’s getting UDDERLY cold outside!

Here at Lou Saare we’ve seen all types of dents. Here are some tips to make your car seem unattractive to animals this winter:

• Use protective covers.
Using specially designed car covers will protect your car from animals that can get inside it from the ground. These animals include rats and other rodents, cats, dogs, and birds.

• Make your car unattractive to animals.
If you keep your car in a garage, leave the hood up. Rats and other rodents like warm and dark places to hide. Leaving the hood lifted up may prevent them from nesting in your car.

• Use essential oils (like peppermint oil, for instance) in the garage and inside the car to make it smell unpleasant to rodents and other animals.

• Use wire mesh protection to keep rats, birds and other animals off your vehicle’s engine compartment.

• Do not leave the car unused for long. Drive it once in a while to prevent rats from nesting and ruining the inner workings of your vehicle.

• Do not keep pet food in the garage. Rats can get attracted to cat and dog food and they can stack it into empty spaces in your car.

• Use protective seat covers for pets.
Not only wild animals ruin our cars. Traveling with our beloved pets may also become a problem, for cats and dogs can leave stains and scratches on seats. Using seat covers for pets is a good solution for those who like to take their pets for long-distance rides.

• Clean up the stains as they appear.
Despite all the precautions, your pets can leave stains on your car’s upholstery, so it’s very important to act quickly in order to prevent permanent damage.

And remember, if you DO have a fender bender or a cow sits on your hood, call us! We’ll work with your insurance company, and get you into a free loaner if you don’t have coverage!